About Us

Garner Multimedia, Inc. (GM) is located in the Washington D.C. area and specializes in distance learning, interactive multimedia, video/film and information technology services. Our distance learning and video/film services include the production of satellite broadcasts, CD-ROMs, original standard definition/high definition videotapes, films and DVDs.

Our information technology services include network engineering, systems integration, web-based applications, database development and software engineering. We enjoy a reputation for providing high quality services at competitive prices.

GM continues to maintain an unblemished track record for producing quality products for a variety of clients including the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Veterans Affairs, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Food & Drug Administration, MCI, Chrysler Corporation and the AFL-CIO.

    Quality Products
  Competitive Pricing
  Timely Delivery
  Expert Management
  Concern for Client Needs


Contact Us
  GM's address is:

Garner Multimedia, Inc.
10104 Senate Drive
Suite 227
Lanham, MD 20706

Our phone number is (301) 459-2062
Our fax number is (301) 459-2063
Our email address is info@garnermm.com


GM Client List

Some of GM's clients include:

    Department of Defense
  Chrysler Corporation
  Anderson Consulting
  US Army
  US Navy
  Department of Veterans Affairs
  Department of Transportation


Contracting Options

Services and supplies can be procured from GM through either of our two GSA Schedules.

  The following services and supplies can be procured:

  Video/Film Services
  CD-ROM / DVD Applications
  IT Services
  Management & Technical Personnel